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Population February 14, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

We’ve made great strides in reducing catastrophic deaths, in extending life, in welcoming immigrants to the U.S., even in changing the patterns from murdering millions of people in World Wars to more localized, more limited, less lethal regional wars.

Here’s the result:  a summary of the U.S. population:







More than doubled in 60 years.

That helps to explain a lot of things:  airport overcrowding, long lines at the supermarket, and too many cars on the roads, for starters.

Next time someone asks me to cough up a donation to Save Lives, I may ask her where the saved people are going to live. 

If the answer is New Jersey, well, that may be okay.



1. gregquill - February 20, 2008

Sandy, you have done it again. “Rut” is a delightfully appropriate noun to be modified by the adjective “procreating”!

2. brettbum - February 25, 2008

Maybe, I’ll cough up a condom as a donation next time to save lives.


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