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The News From Florida January 23, 2008

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

It is surely time for a little update on Greg and Lacy, and the goings on in the Tampa area.

I finished two weeks at my new client on Friday by presenting them with my first invoice. Since I am here under my own steam – not through a firm or an agency – I charged them the full fee and I will need to send the withholding to the IRS myself. But, that gives me 90 days to use the funds, which is very useful!

It has been chillier than expected these two weeks. I wore a jacket, gloves and a knit cap yesterday while washing Big Ride. Usually, a sweater is fine. Lacy really likes sitting outside on a long leash, able to come in the open door of the trailer to get a drink or to make sure that I have not escaped without her. Yesterday, she spent a couple of hours in the sunshine as I made butter cookies and brownies. (My sweet tooth is acting up…) I got a cheap BBQ grill, and made hamburgers for me and chicken for the pooch last night. After seeing the weather yesterday in Green Bay, Chicago, New Jersey and the rest of the country, I resolved not to tell any more warm weather stories for the rest of the winter!

Sad to read about sick doggies at Stew’s blog. It always makes me give Lacy an extra hug, and a little longer morning or evening walk.

Laundry, church, grocery shopping – all uneventful this weekend. The church has an interesting fund raiser going for unwed mothers: take a purple baby bottle home, and return it filled with pocket change. The neighbors in the RV camp were amused when I came home with a baby bottle!

I plan to get over to Orlando soon to visit my daughter, Kathy, and her beau, Andy. Perhaps when the invoice is paid… I gave the client an incentive: a 3% discount if they pay within 7 days.

We’ll see…



1. kenju - January 23, 2008

I hope it will warm up soon, Greg, and you will get your check pronto!

2. brenda - January 23, 2008

It sounds like things are settling down nicely at Camp Greg (Florida edition).

I am just sick about Stew’s Sebby. If feels like there’s not even anything we can say that would make it any better. He is so brave to keep raising these doggies and giving them a good home.

And don’t you dare tell him I was talking nice about him.

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