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8th Grade Memories January 3, 2008

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Mark Dinning – Teen Angel

There was quite a collection of “teen death” ballads back in the day. This one, of course, and these (listed by Wikipedia):
Tell Laura I Love Her by Ray Peterson, 1960 – auto racing accident
Dead Man’s Curve by Jan and Dean, 1964 – auto racing accident
Ebony Eyes by the Everly Brothers, 1961 – plane crash
Patches by Dickey Lee, 1962 – suicide by drowning, the song’s narrator concludes by planning his own suicide as well.
Last Kiss by J. Frank Wilson, 1964 – automobile accident
Leader of the Pack by The Shangri-Las, 1964 – motorcycle accident
Laurie (Strange Things Happen) by Dickey Lee – 1965 – Cause of death unspecified, but the lover returns as a ghost
I Want My Baby Back by Jimmy Cross, 1965 – Car crash. This parody of ‘dead teenager’ songs (specifically Leader of the Pack) ends with Cross digging up his dead lover’s body
Honey by Bobby Goldsboro, 1968
Moody River by Pat Boone – 1961 – Suicide by drowning
Ode To Billy Joe by Bobbie Gentry – 1967 – Suicide by jumping off a bridge
Run Joey Run by David Geddes – 1975 – Julie steps in path of bullet that her father had meant for Joey, apparently after making Julie pregnant



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