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Can You Wait Until the Next Gas Station? December 9, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Our friends at NASA (Not Actually Smart Anymore) have finally come to grips with the faulty fuel gage on space shuttle Atlantis.

First, they spent lots of overtime trying to find out the problem. Then, they delayed launch from December 7th to December 8th. Then they delayed it again to December 9th. Now, they gave up and will try to launch this antique junkster in January.

Remember, this is the same government who has given us Iraq, only three ounces of toiletries on airplanes, and the Alternate Minimum Tax.

Can anyone in NASA tell us what use the fuel gage is when it’s working?

Sure, in my car, it tells me when I need more gas. So I don’t run out.

Same for the shuttle, except (1) there’s no place to get more gas, and (2) the thing doesn’t need gas to land. It’s a glider, NASA.

I guess they keep the fuel gage right up front, next to the baby bottle warmer. Which they also don’t need.

What’s next? Turn signals? Brake lights?



1. Brenda - December 9, 2007

Greg, there is too so a gas station in space! After retirement, Captain Kirk opened one so he could keep busy. Every time you fill up, you can get a #1.50 grilled cheese sandwich at the grill.

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