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Navy Good News October 26, 2007

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President Bush has arrived in Calilfornia to “see the wildfires”. That’s too bad; they renamed Air Force 1 to Katrina Too for the trip. And it looked for a while that Californians would pull through okay, before this.  Just so FEMA doesn’t go there, too.

Meanwhile, my Navy is doing good things:

SAN DIEGO (NNS) — USS Ronald Reagan (CVN 76) Sailors have given up their lodging in the barracks enlisted quarters on Naval Station North Island to support families who are evacuating their homes due to the fire storm raging across southern California.

“We’ve got about 25 families that we’ve moved in, and we’re getting the remaining Ronald Reagan Sailors back on the ship in order to move in more families,” said Chief Storekeeper (AW/SW) Jason Sweany, an on-duty chief who is helping with the process. “There’s no waiting list at the moment. As families show up we’ll get them into a room.”

As soon as it was apparent that Ronald Reagan Sailors and their families were facing mandatory evacuation from their homes, Ronald Reagan Sailors began moving back onto the ship.

“I’m glad to move out of my room for the sake of a family in need,” said Interior Communications Electrician 3rd Class Alexis Franco, who was packed and ready to go within hours of hearing what was needed.

Ronald Reagan has more than 130 families directly affected by the fire, many of whom expressed gratitude for the sacrifice their shipmates made for them.

“It’s nice to have a plan to fall back on,” said Air Traffic Controller 3rd Class Jenny Gutierrez, a Ronald Reagan Sailor from Operations Department who is bringing her husband and 2-year-old daughter with her. “We’re [Ronald Reagan is] always helping other people, now it’s time to help each other.”

“It’s just awesome how all of the departments on Ronald Reagan have stepped up to take care of the community,” said Capt. Terry B. Kraft, Ronald Reagan’s commanding officer. “We’ve had Sailors trained by the Red Cross to help man the local shelters, we’ve already opened up our barracks to any families that need it, we’ve had two dozen or so move in already, and we expect more to come.”

Kraft added that one of the most important steps Ronald Reagan has taken is setting up the Crisis Action Team on board the ship.

“It’s a one-stop number where people can call to get all the information they need on what their options are,” said Kraft. “We’re going to keep that manned up until the end, around the clock.”



1. Brenda - October 27, 2007

So many people did so many wonderful things during this crisis.

A fair warning: I’ve challenged Stew to write a compare/contrast dissertation of the aftermath of Katrina vs. the Wildfires.

2. Stew - October 27, 2007

I went and worked out for two hours today. I can barely type. Which is probably causing people everywhere to rejoice.

I’m sick of people slamming FEMA for doing a poor job. Consider that FEMA is a federal agency. Feds don’t do anything well. State government was responsible for the poor response not the Federal side. The angst and hysterics attributed to Chocolate Town should, by right, belong to The Chocolate Town Mayor McCheese. But he’s BUH-lack and therefore above all reproach.

Oh and Brenda:
Challenged? Nope. Not a challenge at all.

3. Brenda - October 27, 2007

But Stew, FEMA did a GOOD job this time!
hmmmm….it is because they were dealing with a different class of peoples??
The world eagerly awaits.

4. Greg Finnegan - October 27, 2007

I really liked FEMA’s in-house press conference!

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