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Rebuilding America’s Image October 5, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Bill Clinton just said that if Hillary is elected Prez, she will ask him to rebuild America’s image throughout the world.

That certainly needs doing.

Other presidents will reportedly be involved, though probably not “W”.

No word on whether they’ve checked Monica’s schedule.



1. Stew - October 6, 2007

I cannot pass this one up.

America does not need to “rebuild” it’s image. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with America’s image.

When you’re on top you don’t ask your losing competitors what you should do.

To follow this logic is madness.

“W” may suck worse than any other President in the history of the world but that doesn’t mean a darn thing.

Besides I’d like to add that it took a long line of Bush’s and Clinton’s to position W to suck as bad as he does AND to do the damage that he’s done to America.

Do we really need another Clinton in office?

2. Greg Finnegan - October 6, 2007

Well, lessee:

We got the image of Nixon lying and bombing Cambodians; we got Carter blowing the Iran hostage crisis, the Panama Canal, attack rabbits and lust in his heart; we got Clinton leaving stains on Monica’s dress and the Presidential Seal rug in his oval playpen; we got Al Gore making things up on global warming; we got Cheney cussing on the floor of the Senate and shooting some guy’s face off; and then we got the war to prove that Daddy couldn’t get Saddam, so I did.

No, it surely doesn’t take another Clinton in office for ANYTHING, except one good thing came from the last time: we got one less lawyer now. But a face lift? Yeah.

Either that, or dig up Reagan and clone him.

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