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Marty Moose August 14, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Pretty Boy
That’s the name the guy who made the video calls it. Actually, it’s Marty Moose.

I am posting this in my new capacity, thanks to the head Mooseketeer, Stew Magoo. I quote: “I hereby deputize you (as long as you never ever ever ever EVER send any photo/drawing or other likeness of anyone who might look like that fat chick. You know, that fat chick… I’ve expunged her name from my memory banks) anyway, right DEPUTIZE you as my Assistant Moose Research Sidekick. There will be no salary involved in this arrangement, and no vacation. There will be no pay in fact (unless someone decides to give me a ton of money for being a moose researcher then, I believe in sharing). There will, however, be the following benefits:

You may share my Best Blog: Moose related award.

You may take long lunches and write them off as a business expense.

You might meet some really really hot hairy legged vegan moose loving hot hot hotties.”

So I got THAT goin’ for me.

Now, please, please tell me that the guy talking in the video isn’t hitting on this boy moose…!



1. Brenda - August 15, 2007

That moose is NOT a pretty boy!

2. Greg Finnegan - August 16, 2007

Sandy, yes, the hunting video nauseated me.

Brenda, your impression is a very healthy one. People who are physically attracted to mooses are… well, Britney Spears comes to mind! I am glad that you are NOT among them.

3. Stew - August 16, 2007


Excellent. I might even put in for a raise for you.

Sorry, meant to say RAID for you.

Am I buggin’ you?

4. Greg Finnegan - August 17, 2007

Stew, Never buggin’ me! I am so proud to be an Assistant Pureyor of Moosely Grandeur and Backwoods Gossip. We need to found a Moose shelter, so folks can rescue them as cuddly home pets.

Sandy, librarians trembled when I approached their card catalogues, because my technique was to discard cards which did not lead to the subject I was searching. Large piles of cards indicated where I had already searched, so it was efficient. On You Tube I have learned that following a string of videos from the first search doesn’t work well. Check the top ten, then do another search. Ignore the other videos that come up with your first selection. Otherwise, you wind up with Dante in the Third Circle very quickly.

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