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Potpourri August 8, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

A couple of news items for your careful consideration:

Barry Bonds is in for a surprise: home run records set by steroid fiends or drug addicts are discounted 50%.

Keep swingin’, dude; you’re halfway there.


Let’s combine these facts, and see what solution we come up with:

– China wants the whole world to love them for their 2008 Olympics.

– China has about $900 billion in U.S. Treasury bonds which they can dump to hurt the U.S. (and themselves)

– China has a huge air pollution problem, expecially in Bejing. The International Olympic Committee may restrict or cancel some events if the atheletes will be exposed to lung damage.

– We have some experience in boycotting the Olympics.

– China has been obnoxious to us ever since the Korean War.

– China has been poisoning thousands of American pets with adulterated pet food.*

– China has world class PhD’s who refuse to see a difference between propylene glycol (generally recognized as safe in foods, cosmetics and lotions except cat food), and ethylene glycol  (a poison used in antifreeze).

– China is keeping its currency artificially low to keep the U.S. trade deficit with China high and climbing.

Now, what should we do about all of that, I wonder?

* Thanks to Sandy for reminding me.



1. Brenda - August 10, 2007

Why do they hate us so much? I know, I know, long story…..

2. Greg Finnegan - August 11, 2007

Brenda, maybe because no one stays around to eat. It’s true. When I want Chinese, it’s always take out. It’s gotta give ’em a complex…

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