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Minneapolis News Coverage August 3, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

The news from the Minneapolis bridge isn’t too bad, so far. The count of the dead goes up and down with the sun, it seems. Maybe the Twin Cities should re-emphasize counting in the schools. And bridge inspections.

In fact, it is so light hearted that I have been actively looking on the TV for the old Minneapolis news team we used to love: Mary Richards, Lou Grant, Murray Slaughter, Ted Baxter and Rhoda Morgenstern. Ted was good for a dozen malapropisms a day!



1. Greg Finnegan - August 5, 2007

I just caught a promo on CNN, trying to gin up an audience for “Planning a Somber Memorial: A Tribute to the Minneapolis Bridge Dead”. Unfortunately, 8 missing and 5 dead just doesn’t add up to a TV-style memorial. The announcer’s voice was very sad – at the prospective ratings, no doubt.

Makes me think we should charge President and Mrs. Bush for their plane tickets to Minneapolis. Why did they fly in separate planes?

Perhaps we should instead have a memorial in Vice President Cheney’s home state, Wyoming. It has the worst record for traffic deaths as a proportion of population: with 500,000 people, 176 were killed in a recent year. None from a bridge collapse.

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