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The United States of Police State? July 28, 2007

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Since the World Trade Center debacle, we have been turning into some kind of reactionary, over-regulated concentration camp.
Here’s the latest example:
“Instead of giving out $5 bills, an ATM at a Louisiana truckstop spit out $20 bills.  An officer says the 26 people who kept the extra $7,000 dispensed from the machine may face charges.”

Charges?  Absurd! They entered their card and their PIN.

If the machine shorted them, does the bank face charges?!  How do the cops prove it?  The printed receipt, and the receipt inside the machine, prints what the machine thought it gave them; not $7,000. In all of my travels throughout the USofA (and travel is a large part of my business), I have NEVER encountered an ATM machine which dispenses anything but $20’s.  No singles, fives or tens; only 20 dollar bills.  You cannot get $56 out of any ATM which I have ever used.  Is there some kind of higher math in use at Louisiana truck stops so when I want $200 in cash, it gives me 40 five’s?!  I don’t think so.

The whole story sounds bogus.

Who says this cop can make it up as he goes along?

If the law doesn’t support him, and I can’t believe it does, he should be fired.

If the law DOES support him, Huey Long should be fired.

UPDATE 7/30/07

You’ve heard about the two news helicopters which crashed while sending TV pictures of a police chase?  All four people died.  Now the cops say they may also charge the guy who was fleeing with the news team deaths.

See?  They really DO make it up as they go along.

But this one could take a bad turn: everyone calls it the “tragedy of the news helicopters covering the police chase.”  THE POLICE CHASE, not the perp trying to outrun the cops.  So yes, charges are appropriate; but against the police.  Without a police chase, there would have been nothing to video.  So charge the police.

See how this “making stuff up” works?  It isn’t all that hard.



1. Stew - July 29, 2007

That would constitute theft but I completely agree with you.

I think the insanity really picked up steam when the Bush admin completely lost whatever spine it had left after Katrina.

2. Greg Finnegan - July 29, 2007

No, if you saw a broken latch on the machine, reached inside and took a dollar, that’s theft.

If the ATM, or the bank president, sees your withdrawal for $200 and gives you $500, taking it is not theft.

We must teach the cops the difference.

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