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He Is a Uniting Force July 7, 2007

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Who would have guessed that the Cardinal who ran the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith – the hardline historical home of the Inquisition – would become a great uniter of world faiths?

In only a few months, he has both Muslims and Jews united in hating him – people who usually cannot agree on the time of day.

The Pope’s decision to allow individual parish churches more leeway in saying the Mass in Latin has evoked condemnation from the Jewish ADL over an archaic prayer for God to open the eyes of the Jews to the New Testament. They say it is used once a year, during Good Friday services.

I was a Mass server for about 10 years, and I studied Latin for four years in high school at a monastery, and I never heard that prayer.

And, throw in the liberal French clerics, too, who are afraid that somehow saying Mass occasionally in a dead language will undo all of the “liberalizations” of Vatican II from the 1960’s.  Since when is permitting MORE freedom a conservative ploy to destroy liberals?  And, when was the last time the liberal French clerics ever contributed to the discussion anyway?

I have only one thing to say to these groups: “Hey, dudes: IT’S NOT ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!”  

You go right on, Holy Father.  Speak your mind. 

I can’t wait to hear next about Chinese human rights, or Rudy Giuliani.



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