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Truth Will Out July 6, 2007

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By now, we’ve all seen the mutiny brewing at the National Hurricane Center. Bill Proenza’s staff want to fire him because he told NOAA and the Commerce Department that if their old satellite fails, their forecasts will be 16% less accurate.

Senior hurricane specialist James Franklin said that Proenza had misrepresented what would happen if a key satellite called QuikScat failed. The satellite is past its expected lifespan and is on a backup transmitter.

Proenza has said since March that if it failed, forecasts could be up to 16 percent less accurate. But Franklin said that while the satellite is important, it would not critically hurt forecasts.

Proenza still has the support of some staffers, although Franklin said most who read his poppycock agreed with it.

Franklin said he wanted the public to know that the center was still able to give accurate forecasts.

See? I knew the truth would come out. Proenza is just doing what successful bureaucrats always do: exagerate the need so that, when the bureaucrats above cut the funding, you still have enough for what you really need. Franklin has no idea how to play the game. But, Franklin is right, too!

When your forecasts are made with Voodoo and a crystal ball, you don’t really need a satellite, now do you?



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