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Paris: All Better Now June 28, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Paris Hilton has nothing to compare her three weeks in jail to, so she is bragging about them.

I’ve seen it before, with recruits from boot camp coming onto my ship for the first time.  Salty sea dogs, they think.

Like Hilton, they want us to believe that a life changing experience has taken root, after 23 days and a wakeup.  And they don’t need anymore help. 

If only it were possible.

I think that the most she accomplished is a basic orientation to what it will be like the next time she is thrown in jail.

If she really wants to change her perspective in a short time, I recommend 13 weeks of Marine Corps Recruit Training for Women, at Parris Island, SC.   While she may be too old for that (“Too soon old… too late schmart”), there would be at least three advantages to making her a Marine:

1. It would demoralize al Qaeda in general, and Benny Laden in particular.

2. We would have 13 weeks of peace, not just three.

3. There’s poetry in Paris going to basic training in Parris Island.



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