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NRA History June 22, 2007

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Scientists in Peru have found the skeletal remains of the first documented gunshot victim in the New World—an Inca killed by a Spanish musket 500 years ago.

The skeleton had a sign (written in Incan) in it’s hands, probably from the protest march where he was shot. It read, “Muskets don’t kill peasants; conquistadores kill peasants.”



1. Stew - June 22, 2007

Cheney has some Spanish roots don’t he?

2. the beauty of ‘next’… « - June 23, 2007

[…] NRA History @ Hasty Ruminations – it’s title lies, and that shit is hilarious… […]

3. kenju - June 23, 2007

Very funny!

4. BeelzebuDasHell - July 9, 2007

“Microscopic fragments of iron embedded in the bone indicate that a musket ball made the neat entrance and exit holes that killed the Inca soldier at the time of the siege of Lima in 1536, when the Spanish routed the Inca army in its Peruvian strongholds.”


Now, I might not be a scientist or a great hitorian researcher but one thing did strike me as funny: Musket Balls were made of lead.

Now, at this link you will find a picture of a drawing of common conquistadores’ weapons. Can you see anything that is made out of iron and could produce a round hole?

But of course, don’t let the facts interrupt your thoughts.

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