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* Billy Graham Update * June 6, 2007

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VATICAN CITY (CNN) — A man tried to jump into the back of the Pope-mobile carrying Pope Benedict XVI in Vatican City on Wednesday before being wrestled to the ground.
The guy wore a red t-shirt, dark shorts, a baseball cap and sunglasses.  He jumped over a crowd of people as the Pope passed by.

The man then jumped over the barricade and seemed to touch the back of the vehicle before at least six men in dark suits wrestled him to the ground.

The guy does not look anything like Bill Graham. So, it looks like Graham is still OK to be America’s pastor.

And, George Bush has an alibi: he was with German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G8.  Back rubs were not involved.



1. Brenda - June 7, 2007

That’s not the popemobile is it? What happened to the golf cart with the bullet-proof glass?

2. Greg Finnegan - June 7, 2007

Sandy, I hope that everyone knows when I am kidding. Just trying to keep it light. No disrespect was ever intended toward Billy Graham. I am unworthy to… well, we know the rest of that one.
Brenda, apparently he has a second golf cart now. Or, they took the phone booth off of this one.

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