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When Does It End?! May 27, 2007

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In view of the negativity surrounding us these days – in the news, in the administration, in the blogs – I have been consciously trying to avoid reading negative blogs, and to keep this one light, and funny.The poor woman who says she was raped, but didn’t get a good look, and then gives a description of her perverse boss down to his eye teeth.

The poor whales who resist all of the puny efforts to turn them back to sea, and who I expected to laugh their tail flukes off over the firehose ploy – except that they went along with it.

The video of the silly cats.  You HAVE to think that’s funny, but some don’t.

Some have chosen to criticise these lighter pieces – to chastise me – but I don’t mind.  We don’t always have to be dour and serious.  They are the ones who need an attitude adjustment, not me.

But, if I said, “I got some really good black folks workin’ for me,”  I’d be lynched by Jesse, Al, Barack and probably Hillary.    But now Oprah Winfrey speaks at Howard University’s graduation, and says, “I regret that [my grandmother] didn’t live past 1963 and see that I did grow up and get some really good white folks working for me.” But she will get away with it, because she’s a black woman billionaire; and I am just white trash.

That is not funny, and this is not part of my “Greglite” series.



1. gregquill - May 27, 2007

Think I’m being too critical? Here’s an example, from fatmammycat.blogspot.com, a young lady writing an Irish blog. Her Friday donation for our literary appreciation:

“Folk who call meetings on a friday ought to be horsewhipped, have salt rubbed into their flesh, horsewhipped again, have vinegar poured on their flayed skin, shot from a cannon into smouldering embers, blunderbussed and then be forced to listen to James Blunt for over eight hours.
However. Have a very good weekend y’all it grows every nearer to drinky-time.”

Maybe she should drink MORE! And write less.

2. kenju - May 27, 2007

I heard Oprah say that on her show earlier this year, and it didn’t offend me at all. Taken in the context, it isn’t racist. Her grandmother wanted her to aspire to work for some “really good white folks” (as a domestic).

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