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Minnesota Power & Poop Co., Inc. May 24, 2007

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Heard today on NPR:“In Minnesota there’s a new kind of power plant: instead of using coal or gas, it will use tons of waste from thousands and thousands of turkeys and other birds.”


They’re close to the border, so Canadian Geese – a VERY prolific source of “fuel”, judging by my yard – are plentiful.

And, the cold winters and the cold springs and the cold autumns, and the cool summers that last about a week, all help to clog the noses of the humans with sniffles, so the overwhelming smells become tolerable.



1. Brenda - May 24, 2007

Turkey Poo!
Yeah, those Canadian geese can really put out the fuel, can’t they? We used to not have them around here a long time ago.

2. Greg Finnegan - May 25, 2007

Brenda, we have to develop a taste for Christmas goose again.

Sandy, no need to stockpile: they’re up to their teeth in it, 24/7. And because Adella is a proven specialist, I have told my sister in Minnesota to divert two truckloads of turkeys your way.

3. Mary Anne - May 28, 2007

Turkey Poop! We have plenty of that at the capitol in St. Paul! Gov. Pawlenty has been putting lots out lately.

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