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Upside Down May 23, 2007

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A guy in Michigan got arrested for using a WI-FI connection to check his email in the parking lot of a coffee shop without going inside and buying a cup of coffee. Unauthorized Use of a Computer Connection.  The State of Michigan, as sophisticated in these matter as, say, Namibia, wants to convict him of a felony: five years, $10,000.

There is currently a national “click it or ticket” enforcement of the intrusive seat belt law. No one has explained any legitimate interest of the state in my wearing a seat belt when I drive a car. Except that the fine is a source of revenue for them.

Over 25% of lethal car crashes involve drivers over age 65, with valid licenses.

ACLU lawyers say that under our Constitution, illegal aliens can violently protest American policy on American soil and burn our flag. And get welfare checks and free education.

We have these foolish laws on the books, but a student with an adverse mental health history can buy two guns in Virginia, with enough ammunition for a small war. Legally. And then kill over thirty law-abiding students.

By the way, the title of this piece figured in the approval of an official protocol under FDA regulations at my current client. A drawing which required approval showed some cartons inside a shipping box “top down”, and others “top up”. I designed it this way to eliminate damage to the cartons during shipping. The instructions on the drawing told the packing people to pack certain cartons “upside down”. A professional quality control woman, with a book on her desk entitled, “151 English Verbs”, rejected the document (in broken English) because the instructions said “upside down”, not “top down”. I was able finally to convince her that if she made a big deal of this, someone would certainly revoke her visa. At least, that’s what we hope.



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