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A New Feature May 22, 2007

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I read both versions this morning, and I found out that the Russian version of Pravda, our old newspaper nemesis from the Cold War, is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the English version!

In Russian, we used to say “В правдa не будет правды” (phonetically, “V pravda ne budet pravdi”, or “In Pravda there is no truth.” It’s an old Russian saying.)

We will be pleased to bring you both versions, at no additional cost.

Here is a sample:

После удара метеорита запылал весь континент. Потом на материке воцарился ледяной холод. Вымерли мамонты, мастодонты, саблезубые кошки…

The entire continent caught fire after the impact of the meteorite. Then, icy cold dominated the motherland. Mammoths, mastodons, sable toothed (sic) cats died out…

And, another:

Для идеологической артподготовки нужен тяжеловес – например, Джимми Картер, назвавший Буша «худшим президентом в истории». Звучит неплохо – если не вспоминать, чем прославился сам Картер, поддерживавший бен Ладена и не исключавший ядерного удара по СССР.

For ideological artillery, heavyweight preparations are necessary – for example, Jimmy Carter, who named Bush the “worse President in history”. It sounds okay – if we do not recall how Carter himself became famous for supporting bin Laden and for not ruling out a nuclear strike on the USSR.

Since both versions are different, the translations are mine. I mean, they have different articles and different pictures! It’s two newpapers for the price of one!

This will probably raise all of our cultural awareness, and make this a truly international blog.

Kindly make use of the spitoons on the way out.



1. продвижение сайта в поисковых системах - January 30, 2009


продвижение сайта гарантии

2. Greg Finnegan - January 30, 2009

Почему Вы думаете, что я межотдохнувший в этом?

(Why do you think I would be interested in a “guaranteed interesting ditge?” – Greg)

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