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Time To Get Ready For The NEXT Contract May 21, 2007

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My suggestion on the fire drill has prompted my current client to accelerate their plans concerning… moi. So, I have been doing research, and look at these pearls of wisdom I have found:


To best help you achieve your full potential, we compiled a simple list of do’s and don’ts. Feel free to use one, two or all during your next interview. Good luck.

Watch what you wear. Want to make a statement? Let your words do the talking. Wear something professional. It can be uniquely you, but shouldn’t draw attention away from your abilities.

It’s all about poise. Be confident. Sit upright. Make eye contact. Relax and smile. Speak slowly and with a strong voice. Let us know you’re the one for the job.

Sell yourself with facts. The interview is your chance to tell us why you’re perfect for the position. Tell us about your successes, your failures, things you did right, and mistakes you learned from. Don’t forget to let your personality shine through. Go ahead–ask us. The interview is a two-way street. We ask things about you–and you should definitely ask things about us. It’s an opportunity to get details about the position. Show enthusiasm, curiosity, and above all else, show us you’re interested in McDonald’s.



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