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I’m Still Sniffling May 17, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Do you remember Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeve in the 1994 movie, Speed?

It was an action thrilller, and while I like that (actually, I like Sandra Bullock in just about anything!), it’s not everyone’s cuppa tea.


I just finished watching their reunion, the 2006 movie, The Lake House. It’s a romance mystery, not exactly MY cuppa tea, but see above re: Sandra in anything.

The movie is a little confusing: Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) is moving out from her lake house, built all of it with glass. She is a doctor and has just begun to work in a hospital in Chicago, moving to a new apartment in the center of the city. Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) is the new owner of the lake house, a young architect. Alex and Kate are maintaining a correspondence, talking about the house matters, sending each other letters, which are put in the lake house’s letter box. But a strange thing is happening, because both of them find out that the letter box is working as a kind of time communication channel, between the year 2004, where Alex’s living, and 2006, the year that Kate’s actually living.

It is simply wonderful. A mature Sandra Bullock, and a charming Keanu Reeves.

I am still sniffling!



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