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More Than a Fling May 9, 2007

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Theirs was a May – December kind of romance. Well, more like August – October. A brief fling which led to a more permanent arrangement.
She was among the poor of his hometown. Not homeless, but nearly so. There was never enough water for bathing, for cleaning, for hygiene. He was not much better off. But they were attracted from the first.

“Courtship” is really not the right word for such a whirlwind romance. If there had been a surrey, it’s fringe on top would have been sundered. Her humble condition meant that dinner-and-a-movie would have been a luxury. She ate what scraps she could find.

He was not interested in wooing her with talk, or presents, or tender gestures. In a moment’s passion, after a touch of the grape, he made her his.

She didn’t see it coming. She could not prepare; she could not resist.

Then, a surprising turn of events. His neighbors learned of the affair. True, he was not discrete, and perhaps the passionate moments were louder than polite company could ignore. They prevailed on him to marry her.

More a lothario than a raconteur – a man of few words, really – he acquiesced. The marriage was unusual to an outsider, but only fair to the cognoscente. Not an idyllic life, perhaps – there was never enough food, and they were not to be blessed with kids – but not bad.

Then the unthinkable. Suddenly, like a lightning strike on a clear afternoon. Her midday snack turned on her, she choked, and he was nowhere near to perform the life saving Heimlich. The world faded, faded, and then she was gone.

Even the BBC covered the story:

R.I.P. Sudan’s Married Goat
“SUDAN’S MARRIED GOAT has, mercifully, gone to the heavenly farmyard, released from its suffering as a beast of burden.

“The goat, known as Rose to close friends, became a web phenomenon when it was reported that she had been “married” to a Sudanese man Charles Tombe. The wedding was enforced by elders after a drunken Tombe was found taking advantage of the poor animal. He was also made to pay a dowry to Rose’s original owner. The elders hoped to shame Tombe, though they did not spare Rose’s feelings in doing so. “

Unfortunately, Rose choked on a piece of plastic wrap as she foraged for lunch. Widower Tombe did not comment.



1. kenju - May 9, 2007

I didn’t expect that!

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