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Adios May 8, 2007

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Phillip Workman killed a policeman during an armed robbery attempt.  His third trip to lethal injection is coming up.

He got two stays before.

His lawyers now say that lethal injection will cause unconstitutional pain and suffering to Workman.

My opinions have evolved over the years, and now I am against capital punishment on the basis that life is sacred.

To me, the issue in this case is not the pain and suffering of Phillip Workman.  He had no thought about the pain and suffering of the cop or of his family when he killed him.  For Phillip, I really couldn’t care less.*

And that bothers me.

(*Why does that sentence mean the same as, “I could care less”, I wonder?)



1. Greg Finnegan - May 9, 2007

And the crime was done in 1981. He has lived a quarter of a century postponing this day. How much deterent value can that have?

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