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Timing Is Everything April 15, 2007

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If we missed the recent news about the Pope, it is certainly understandable.  What with nappy-heads and the New Jersey Governor nearly killing himself to get to the emergency-radio-show/ Rutgers-intervention before the cameras left, and Paul “Iraq Attack” Wolfowitz’s problems at the World Bank which were self inflicted, and Prince William breaking up with his girlfriend.


The Pope’s car did not sell on E-Bay.  They didn’t get the asking price.

The Pope wrote a new book, which among other good things criticizes capitalism for making tons of money at the expense of, well, everyone.The Vatican’s Office of Raising Money for the Pope’s New Car closed early on Friday, since the usual phone calls from capitalistic donors suddenly stopped coming.  The only calls which came in were collect, and they were declined by the Papal Pecuniary Potentate.New rules: (1) Get money for the new car, THEN (2) criticize the donors.



1. Brenda - April 16, 2007

How many miles has that thing got on it? I could use that to drive back and forth to work.

2. Greg Finnegan - April 16, 2007

The car has about 48,000 miles on it, and the outfit that owns it now wants over $200,000 for a 1999 VW Golf.

Go figure.

But, I think it comes with its own plastic Jesus on the dashboard.

Sandy, the Italian guy who leads the anti-vivisection group was late for a press conference about Papal fur, because he spilled some steak-and-kidney pie on the leather seats in his Porsche, and had to go to the cleaners.

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