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Palm Sunday April 1, 2007

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I went to Church for the first time today in my new town, Florida NY, where the trailer is parked. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church. They have a 7:30 am Mass, and I like to go early. The Mass for Palm Sunday includes the narration of the Passion of Christ – his capture, pseudo-trial, scourging, the Way of the Cross, the Crucifixion and death. It always seems to take forever, but actually it takes about fifteen minutes.

Today, it took longer than usual, since it was in Polish.

Now, who coulda guessed it was a Polish parish?!

It wasn’t a total loss. I have heard the Passion read in English 58 times, so I was able to follow the jist of it. And I studied a lot of Russian in college, so I understood “Slovo Bozhe” (Word of God) and about every tenth word.

St. Joseph’s has been a parish here since 1890, and the church seems to date from then, too. It looks like the working class church of an upstate New York mill town which has recently been taken quaint. Today, there was a parish bake sale in the parish hall (the church basement) which, with strudel, pączki (round donuts without a hole in the middle with prune, raspberry or other fruit filling inside), Makowiec (pastry filled with poppy-seed, usually elongated), Piaskowa babka (size of a loaf of bread), Szarlotka (pastry made with apples), Mazurek (pastry with raisins, apples and other ingredients) and Babka – well, I was wise to skip it!

To compensate, I am now at Panera Bread, logged in to the WIFI internet and downloading the state tax forms I need for Turbotax. I have to file five state forms for 2006!



1. kenju - April 1, 2007

Five states? Aren’t you lucky!

Mr. kenju didn’t make Mass today, since we were travelling, and he says you are exempt if you are on the road.

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