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Blame Canada? March 30, 2007

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Menu Foods of Canada has recalled more than 60 million containers of pet food after hundreds or thousands of pets died of kidney failure.  There have been 8,000 complaints to the FDA.Malamine (an ingredient of plastics and of fertilizers in Asia), aminopterin (a cancer drug) and rat poison have been variously found by New York State and FDA labs.

It would be easy to Blame Canada, as we did in a classic South Park episode.  But this may be far more sinister.

Who are desperate to prove that we should bring our troops home?  Yes, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  (Our modern “George and Gracie”.)

If our troops were home, who could invade Canada to protect our pets?  Why, our troops, of course!

Since they are not, is there any chance that there will be one pet left in the U.S. of A, given Canada’s pet food invasion?

And how aboot ‘Mericans buying prescription drugs much cheaper from Canada than from our own pharmacies?  How are THEIR kidneys?!

So, the question is NOT what did Alberto Gonzalez know and when did he know it.  (Notice that HE is conveniently sidelined during this conspiracy.)  The question is, how did George and Gracie arrange it?!

[This article inspired by the journalism of Ann “The Diatriber” Coulter.]



1. Greg Finnegan - April 1, 2007

Hi, Sandy! Thanks for your comments. I haven’t been able to log on on weekends, since the campground WIFI isn’t up. But I found a Panera Bread today, so (burp) here I am!

It’s not Muslim Canadians so much; it’s those “beedy little eyes”, as they sing in the song.

2. Stew - April 4, 2007

“What would Brian Boitano do if he was here right now?
I’ll bet he’d kick an ass or two, that’s what Brian Boitano ‘d do.”

Ann would be proud of you Greg. You nailed Gramma Pelosi and Harry (I never met a shady deal I didn’t like) Reid and still managed to declare war on Canada. With their beady little eyes and smokin’ hot women.


3. Stew - April 5, 2007

I posted a tribute to the beady eyed Canadian invaders on Get Stewed…

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