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What if … ? March 24, 2007

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What if I was young again, and faced the same life choices now that I faced then, except in today’s world?  What would I do differently?

Get married?  Oh, yes.  To the same person?  Uuuummmmmm……  But I’d want to have the same kids.

Go into the Navy?  Maybe, but this time as a pilot.  Then I’d get out and fly for the airlines.

Go to the Naval Academy in Annapolis?  Hmmmm….  That’s difficult. 

It was pretty good for me, but the good guys who I knew in the Navy later became powerful officers, and uniformly it turned out bad for them.  Four became two or three star admirals: one was fired as Academy Superintendent, another was fired as head of the Red Cross, and the third became Rumsfeld’s toady.  Only the fourth turned out okay. 

If I wanted to turn into a diaper-wearing astronaut, fly in the dangerous death trap space shuttle, and drive from Texas to Florida to spray Mace into the eyes of a rival for my extra-marital lover, well then I guess I’d become a Midshipman again.

Come to think of it, now that you put it that way…



1. kenju - March 24, 2007


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