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Stir Up the Pot March 13, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

I’m glad that General Peter Pace stirred up the defense establishment with his comments about the immorality of homosexual conduct. The military was getting complacent.
The Army must have the Walter Reed veterans debacle well under control now – they’ve only lost six stars worth of generals and one Secretary, with no replacements; tour lengths and tour repetitions in Iraq and Afghanistan (are we on #4?) must be pleasing the troops, except for some 3,000 middle grade officer shortages because everyone is getting out; the Navy continues to build more and more aircraft carriers in case the Japs attack Midway again; and no one has even HEARD from the Air Force since Desert Storm.

Pace graduated from my college two years ahead of me, in the class with a retired admiral who became president of Valley Forge Military Academy and College, only to be kicked out for sexual harrassment (my plebe summer squad leader). His class was the original home for Ollie North, who rolled back to the class ahead of me when he broke his leg, and became my company commander. Another famous member of General Pace’s class is Dick Armitage, the deputy Secretary of State under Colin Powell who allegedly outed Valerie Plame, saving “Scooter” Libby the trouble.

Pace’s timing was great, too: catch Secretary Gates in the transition, so he can dump on you big time once he finds the washroom.

Congressman Barney Frank is rolling over in his tutu. Seductively, he thinks.



1. Robert - March 13, 2007

Excellent insight. I retired as a higher mid-grade officer since I was a maverick and once I hit the executive (field grade) levels I wanted to throw up.
All of the ethics/morals/honor etc that had been driven into my head since I was a PFC don’t have much meaining once you get to a General’s Staff. They do not want to hear bad news and surround themselves with thier old class mates and ‘Yes men’. The most important question is how do we minimize risks (to our own careers). Soldiers god love them are nothing but numbers.

2. Greg Finnegan - March 14, 2007

Robert, thanks for your comments, and thanks for your service!

Sandy, now that’s JUST what I need – Karl Rove as a reader.

3. Greg Finnegan - March 14, 2007

Oh, and this guy from the gay coalition who says the General’s words are a slap in the face to gay men everywhere:

Generals like Pace do not “slap” you in the face, thilly. You will know that you have been well and thoroughly punched.

4. Brenda - March 15, 2007

Mr. Finnegan,
We at the White House have received your post. We’re adding you to our special little list. Expect to be visited by Secret Service every time the President travels to a city near you. We are watching.
The White House

5. gregquill - March 15, 2007

Oh, GREAT! Some Agent Dana Scully type will be dogging me…


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