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In New Joisey, Natch March 11, 2007

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It’s fun to be back in New Joisey for this contract. Things are just kind of special here.

The TV show The Sopranos is planning the filming of its final season, and the producers had focused on Bloomfield, NJ, for the final scene. It’s to be shot in an Italian deli, of which Bloomfield has a plethora. Bloomfield is somewhat wealthy, located next to its poorer cousin, Newark, of which you may have hoid.

Anyway, the Mayor of Bloomfield is not Italian, but his wife is, and he has objected to the way the show casts American Italians as mobsters. So, he had the city councial, good paisanos all, turn down the filming request.The townsters, however, went completamente pazzesco (totally nuts) and insisted on the honor of being memorialized in the last show. The Mayor agreed to put it back on the agenda for the March 12th council meeting.

Except, the town’s lawyer read the law, and it seems that the town council cannot ban the filming just because someone doesn’t like the show. Since no waiver of the town’s ordinances was involved, the filming must be permitted.

I don’t know how much influence the producers had in encouraging the lawyer to re-read his law. It’s only a rumor that they said, “Youse guys got a real nice little town here. It would sure be a shame if anyting would, like, happen to it.”



1. kenju - March 12, 2007

Too funny. I guess it hits too close to home for him.

I’ll be in NJ at the end of the month.

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