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Some British Folks Confused About Sex February 20, 2007

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Aren’t we glad that we aren’t colonists any more?




According to a recent survey in England, about one in three adults and teenagers think that women can prevent pregnancy if they jump up and down, wash or urinate immediately after sex.


The survey was conducted by the Family Planning Association, which is having a really hard time meeting its goals concerning fewer pregnancies.



1. gregquill - February 20, 2007

Sandy, these are the people whose Druids imagined the Cathedral of Chartres, while architecturaly limited to Stonehenge.

Six hundred years ago, Chaucer wrote,

“In olde dayes of the Kyng Arthour, …
Al was this lond fulfilled of fayrie; …
I speke of many hundrid yer ago;
But now can no man see non elves mo”

In 1374, Edward III granted Chaucer a gallon of wine a day for the rest of his life, which apparently helped his imagery but hindered his spelling and grammar lessons. So, fairies dominated British lore.

I think that their current conception of … conception is consistent with this educational heritage. No wonder they needed an empire, just to have room to store the extra people!

2. Stew - February 20, 2007

Wow, this place is gettin’ all faincy n stuff.

My comment is:
What do you expect when the gummn’t takes away all the guns…

Oh. Actually nevermind. That didn’t make any sense.

3. kenju - February 20, 2007

I may have thought that back in 5th grade – but I know better now……LOL. What the heck has gone wrong over there in the UK?

4. Brenda - February 21, 2007

Somebody get over there with some condoms, quickly!

5. Greg Finnegan - February 22, 2007

Stew, therapy IS great; tell Britney of your success.

Kenju, maybe it’s too much telly.

Brenda, too late; Gnarly Charlie already reproduced. What if Camilla comes up preggers?!

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