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Cross Country Plane February 9, 2007

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

Nancy Pelosi (the Leona Helmsley of the Congress) wants to fly back and forth to California in a government plane. They want her to fly non-stop.  The Pentagon has Boeing 757 types, because the executive model that Denny Hastert flew back and forth to Illinois in doesn’t carry enough gas. Lear jet, I guess. They (Speakers) get to fly in military planes since 9/11 for security.

Possible solutions:

1. Use the 757’s. Use ALL 757’s. I get claustrophobic in that overly long, overly low-ceilinged piece of junk anyway.
2. Charge her for family and guests who go along,  to party. (Yeah – a party with Leona is high on MY list!)
3. Make her use the smaller plane. Put extra gas cans in the empty seats. Make it a no-smoking-we-aren’t-kidding flight. (Obama – please note, you smoker you.)
4. Use some of the Navy’s old blimps (dirigibles). The only problem: prevailing winds are from California to Washington DC, not the other way.  Note: Hydrogen is better than helium.
5. Army helicopters. Except Iraqis are getting good shooting them down.
6. Fly commercial. Yeah, I know, #2 backup to the Prez. I’ll take my chances. A lot of tax-paying Americans have to fly commercial, you politicians!  The succession list in order is Cheney, Pelosi, Byrd, Rice. As far as I’m concerned, give ‘em ALL 757’s. With extra gas cans in the seats, for good measure.

The sooner we get rid of 757’s, the better.



1. Carole - February 9, 2007

I’m with you! I especially like the gas (or should we say AVGAS/Kerosene?) can part….AND the Hydrogen suggestion. You left out another possible option: do our armed forces use “weather balloons” anymore? Or NOAA? Perhaps they could attach gondolas….at least use the prevailing winds on her trips back home.
I’m also with you on the idea to charge anyone who goes along to party. That means anyone except official staff member(s). However, I do think you insulted poor Leona. She’s brighter than Ms. Pelosi, who doesn’t know enough to quit while she is ahead.
Freeport, NY

2. kenju - February 9, 2007

My, my……Methinks I detect a note of cynicism!

She could afford to buy her own plane.

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