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Gotta Feel A Whole Lot Safer Now January 8, 2007

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Authority Run Amok

A U.S. college student was imprisoned for three weeks for trying to take condoms filled with flour onto an airplane.

Police and homeland security officials thought the flour was an illegal drug. It took three (3) weeks to test the flour.

The condoms were a joke among students at Bryn Mawr College in Philly. The student, Janet Lee, 21, was taking them home to Los Angeles.

She sued the city, which just settled.

For $180,000.



1. kenju - January 8, 2007

well, hey……you think I could get away with that? I need $180K, really bad!

2. Greg Finnegan - January 8, 2007

Hong Fu prolly has easy test for flour-in-condom tlick: just addee rittle yeast, rittle water, and watchee expand! (I’m quoting from memory here…)

3. Stew Magoo - January 8, 2007


4. Stew Magoo - January 8, 2007

Oh and please note that I beat Brenda (my ex-wife) here. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

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