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Consistency November 16, 2006

Posted by gregquill in Uncategorized.

I love the Catholic Church.

But, it gets in trouble when the human side makes mistakes, and then imposes some Imperial Magisterium on the faithful to demand compliance. That’s fine in matters of faith and morals; not so good when the subject is “admin and housekeeping”.

Two recent cases in the news:

The Vatican objects strongly to the United States building a wall on the Mexican border, despite the fact that the number of deaths during illegal crossings has doubled since 1995.

Perhaps we will stop building the wall the day that the Vatican begins demolishing the walls around the Vatican city-state, erected to keep Italians out in both the medieval and the Renaissance periods. Word is that Michelangelo built some of the wall.

The Church has forbidden priests to marry since the second Lateran council in the year 1139. Before that, priests, bishops, cardinals and popes married and raised families, starting with St. Peter, the first Pope.

This doctrine does not come under the umbrella of divinely revealed truth. I know we hate to rush into things, but perhaps enough time has passed for the Church to review this again. Since we hold marriage to be sacred, in a sacrament instituted by Christ, why are the very people entrusted with spiritual leadership prohibited from it? By some estimates, there are about 150,000 married priests worldwide (20,000 in the U.S.) who are thereby excommunicated.

I enjoy sermons from celibate priests, telling me how to be a better husband and father. The last time one of them lived in a family, he was about 14 years old.

Married Priests Dot Org



1. brendalove@gmail.com - November 20, 2006

The Catholic Church needs some serious overhaulin’ or they are going to start losing some of their most faithful.

Of course since I’m from the Southern Baptist upbringing, I should be yelling about how ya’ll Catholics is goin’ to hell anyway! LOL!

Organized religion kind of sucks.

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