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News Roundup August 8, 2006

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Shuttle Crew Practice Countdown

It’s not easy to count backwards.

Wife Locked Out Of McCartney Home

Earlier, Heather Mills McCartney had taken three bottles of cleaning fluid. Enough is enough.

Teen Accidentally Kills Mom During Driving Lesson

She was pinned under the car driven by her daughter.

Police believed the girl may have hit the gas pedal instead of the brake.

Police said the teen won’t face criminal charges. The Mom would have, since the licensed driver is s’posed to be IN the car, not under it.

This was in Joisey, so the kid will get her license anyway. In Joisey, they test you for use of the horn, not the brake.

Panda Baby Boom In China

Five births. Five. Most American dogs have bigger litters.



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